Advocacy Strategies and Tools

Do you want to discover what advocacy is, its tools and techniques? Are you already involved in advocacy, but want to upscale your strategy and learn new techniques? Maybe you don't know how to evaluate the impact of your actions?

CAP! offers a 3-day training for both associative and citizen advocacy efforts that provides understanding, tools, techniques and a guided action plan to help design and execute your advocacy strategy.


Online Training: Design Your Action Plan

Are you looking to create an advocacy plan that will work? Do you have limited time but want optimal results?

CAP! offers a 5 session, 5-week online training with personalized lessons and practices modules designed to help you create an advocacy strategy and build an action plan.

Over the course of five, two-hour modules, participants will explore and understand all aspects of advocacy planning. At the end of each session, participants will be given a practical exercise (relating to a specific advocacy goal, if applicable or a fictitious case). These exercises will all build towards the final result. At the end of the five weeks, participants will have created a personal advocacy action plan, built by your weekly exercises and feedback from the group!

Field Documentation : A Basis for Your Work

Are you looking to build evidence for a proposal or a program? Do you have the evidence but struggle to create an easily-followed narrative or drive home your point?

CAP! offers a 2 day training designed to help participants build a strategic argument and basis for their advocacy efforts. This training focuses heavily on surverys, interviews, videos, photo documentation and participation of your “base.” Throughout this training, you will unlock the keys to solid advocacy messaging.


Press Preparation & Training

Have you been successful with your advocacy efforts but are concerned about how to address and use the media effectively? Do you want to create a media plan that is concise and effective?

CAP! offers a half day training and coaching session that helps participants outline and define effective messaging, vocabulary, planning, and outlines techniques and tools that can be used when responding to difficult or sensitive questions.

Advocacy Writing: Briefs, Proposals and More

Are you working on an advocacy campaign and want to effectively communicate your position and things learned? Are you trying to widen your audience, convey important information and refine your reports?

CAP! offers a 2-day training that focuses on writing relevant and impactful position papers, advocacy notes, policy briefs, letters of intent and press releases! Whether it is a general training about each aspect of advocacy writing, or a training to better one specific aspect, CAP!’s expertise will enhance participants’ ability to effectively report.

Decision Maker Meeting Preparation and Lobbying Strategies

Do you have limited time to advocate for a cause? Do you want to ensure your time is used effectively and efficiently when meeting with decision makers? Do you want to command a room and further your mission?

CAP! offers a unique 1-day training, with the help of a professional comedian, that is designed to build confidence for meetings with political decision-makers. This training covers: mastering self presentation, convincingly formulating a message, strategies for addressing the press and media, approaching advocacy targets, managing stress and controlling the conversation.

With the help of concrete examples and role-plays, two trainers guide participants towards the elaboration of effective citizen lobbying messages and the building of confidence in order to better mobilize their physical and vocal resources and master the rhetoric when speaking in public.

Effective Communication Strategies for NGOs

Do you want to become a part of the global conversation relating to your advocacy campaign or cause? Do you want to widen your audience and create more awareness around your mission?

CAP! offers a 2-day training for NGOs who want their advocacy missions to contribute to a larger communication strategy. During this training, participants will learn how to position and present themselves, as well as their communication. CAP! will help participants determine the best outlets and channels of communication.

Funding Your Advocacy Action Plan

Do you need money to finance your advocacy work? Are you unsure how you to secure financial backing for your projects?

CAP! offers a 3-day training that develops practical tools for writing donor letters, as well as logical framework and the theory of change. Participants will explore different financing avenues offered to civil society organizations who are looking to engage in advocacy work.


Workshop: Conception and Development of Your Advocacy Strategy

This workshop is designed for organizations who would like to dive into advocacy and spend a week working hand-in-hand with CAP! A 5-day immersion training outside of the city, in small groups, participants will work directly with CAP!s Founder and Principal consultant to find the right tools and strategies to create and develop a personalized advocacy plan.

Theory of Change for Advocacy

What is a Theory of Change? And how can it best guide your work when designing your campaign?

CAP! offers a 1-day training to develop a theory of change for your advocacy campaign. Through practical exercises, you will be called to re-think how this campaign can fit in your organization's values and how best to reach your goals.