Would you like to learn more about advocacy tools and approaches? Are you already involved in an advocacy project but would like to increase your skills, learn new techniques or broaden your reach? Are you unsure how to evaluate the impact of your campaigns? Would you like to develop a media strategy or plan a media appearance?

CAP! regularly offers training sessions and personalized advocacy coaching.

“The trainer was professional and dynamic, and adapted herself perfectly to our requests, as well as to the needs, and political and cultural contexts, of each partner. Based on numerous examples and tools, the training was adapted to all experience levels and made concepts frequently considered abstract clear and practical.”

Anaïs Saint-Gal, Advocacy Officer, Sidaction

Would you like to engage in a strong advocacy project or support a cause? Build an organizational network or coalition through which to spread the word about your projects? Are you wondering how to structure a civil society organization, or organize a grassroots movement? What are the necessary skills your team will need? Who should you work with, and how should you go about coalition building?

CAP! offers coaching in advocacy team structuring and establishing national and international organizational networks. Through this support, we strengthen the capacity of communities to act together and speak out in a strong collective voice.

“CAP!’s advisement of our network of 400 organizations has allowed us to be anchored at a national level, to develop a common vision and to benefit from an excellent communications system. We have become more effective, all together.”

Julien Kabalako, National Coordinator, GTCRR

Do you want to bring about change, but first need to better understand the political, social or economic context in which you will be advocating? Are you trying to identify the roots of a problem and the elements you can most effectively leverage in order to address it? Is field or documentary research necessary to support your claims and raise consciousness? Do you want to produce a socio-political or geopolitical analysis in order to publish a report with recommendations for decision-makers?

Let CAP!'s analysis and research service evaluate the situation of stakeholder and power mapping, and deliver a political, legal, economic and social assessment of your intervention context in order to enable you to reflect on the most effective advocacy strategy. We consult with stakeholders, conduct research and provide a service for editing and publishing reports as required.

“I strongly recommend Marine Gauthier for her professionalism and her exceptional expertise. Marine has been recognized at the highest levels of the United Nations for her field experience and rigorous analysis of complex social and environmental issues, and we have been fortunate to work with her on a particularly challenging case that she has successfully led. Working in an environment in which each word is weighed for its political accuracy, Marine’s commitment is boundless and is matched only by her attention to detail, her eloquence, and her deep respect for those with whom she works.”

Alain Frechette, Director of Strategic Analysis and Global Engagement, Rights and Resources Initiative

Would you like to consult with citizens on an issue or connect with communities affected by a problem in order to better understand their needs? Do you want to bring a community together, involve your audience more broadly and give your advocacy claims a solid foundation? Have you gathered support from your community or signatures through an online petition and now need to transform them into political change? Do you have the reasoning and objectives in mind, and are ready to develop communication tools to reach your targets?

Through participatory approaches, CAP! mobilizes citizens and communities that are discriminated against or impacted by specific problems. We collect testimonies in various forms (audio, video, written, photo), consult stakeholders and produce communication tools (publications, videos, brochures, maps), as well as organize events and mobilization actions designed to strengthen advocacy.

“Working with CAP! is a pleasure. The consultant clearly defines the scope of work with attention and effectively delivers. She is always responsive and communicates clearly. We have been very happy with the quality of the work that has been done.”

Mika Leandro, Campaigns Director, WeMove.EU

Does your organization want to engage in advocacy, share a political message or bring about changes in current private or public policies? Do your team and local partners need to think together about existing strategic opportunities and make a plan for working together? Do you need to write a project for your partners or present your strategy in order to obtain funding?

CAP! offers support in strategic advocacy planning by facilitating discussion and work within your teams. Our brainstorming workshops involve participatory governance tools. We use advocacy strategy and influence communications consulting services in order to help you choose the best strategic approaches. We can also help with writing an advocacy project and/or with soliciting technical and financial partners.

“It’s always a pleasure to work with CAP! The collective is very efficient and determined to meet established expectations. Above all, they have an excellent working relationship with our local partners, who also appreciate them very much.”

Kevin Sasia, Program Coordinator – Central Africa Department, Rainforest Foundation Norway

Have you already been carrying out advocacy actions for a few months or years and want to assess your impact, identify how to capitalize on your strengths or improve your advocacy to achieve the policy changes you are aiming for? Is it time for you to conduct an external evaluation of your work to be presented to your technical and financial partners?

CAP! conducts external strategic evaluations using advocacy monitoring and evaluation methods recognized and validated by development agencies, foundations and international development partners. Such evaluations are a key resource for strengthening and sustaining advocacy efforts by maintaining the active collaboration of the organization, staff, beneficiaries and partners.